Margaret T Hance Park, Downtown Phoenix


LP Rent-A-Fence provided the temporary fencing for the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix.  There was over 400 sections of fencing provided for this 2 day event.

Fence_Setup3_0287 Fence_Setup6_0292 Fence_Setup5_0290Unload_Parts_0282

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Wild Horse Pass Raceway

LP Rent-A-Fence and LP Solutions provided Portable Sanitation and Temporary Fencing for this years Lucas Oil’s Off-Road Racing Series.  This was a 3 day event with over 75,000 people attending the race.  Our services provided over 200 sections of Fencing, 75 Portable Sanitation units with 25 hand washing stations throughout the race event and vendor areas.

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Group6_LakeView2_0393Group4_VendorView2_0356 Group5_StadiumView1_0376

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